Miss Fi Gluten Free


At Miss Fi Gluten Free we are all about creating biscuits and breads that are not just gluten free but also free from soy, eggs and artificial colours and flavours.

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Our philosophy is simple - we create allergy friendly food that tastes delicious and has minimal ingredients, we believe food should taste so great you want to eat more of it and should do you no harm so you can be guilt free when you do eat it. Our wild sourdough breads are also vegan friendly and great for your gut health.

The flavour combinations we have developed are quite punchy and sophisticated so they usually appeal to the mature foodie audience who may or may not be gluten intolerant but love a full flavoured food experience where the gluten free element is a bonus.

We believe it’s incredibly important to contribute to the world in a constructive way, the food we create and the long term vision we have is all based around that philosophy. The food we eat plays such a big part in our mental, physical and spiritual health, these are all connected and greatly impact our ability to live our best life.

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Monash Caulfield Campus, Building K, 900 Dandenong Rd Caulfield, VIC
p: 0419381287, e: campushospitality@gmail.com