Saint David Diary

Step back to the Good Old days with beautiful fresh milk, direct from the farm, hand-bottled in Fitzroy at Inner-Melbourne's only Micro-Dairy.

 Photography: Joey SI Yang

Photography: Joey SI Yang

At St David Dairy we are taking a fresh approach to dairy products, combining small scale processing with intricate attention to quality. We are excited to present Melbourne a new totally independent, Paddock-to-plate, Grass-to-Glass option for fresh milk and milk products. We are much more than the ever-present smart marketing and salespeople that obscure the link between producer and consumer. We are real dairy people, and want to bring back to life the local dairy that once stood alongside our butchers and bakeries, before their sad demise in one of the largest rationalisations Australia has seen.

From a 4th generation Dairy farming family, we have strong values about food origins, retention of natural properties and monopolisation, and concern that today, around 80% of fresh milk sold in Australia is from foreign owned companies. Our milk is sourced from within 100kms of Fitzroy, is processed using equipment up to 20 times smaller than large scale processors, and without any additives or by-products. Unlike the vast majority of milk sold today we don't pull the milk apart into multiple fractions to recombine at minimum legal compositions. The same people that pick up the phone, pick up the farm fresh raw milk, process, package and deliver to you.    


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Miss Fi Gluten Free


At Miss Fi Gluten Free we are all about creating biscuits and breads that are not just gluten free but also free from soy, eggs and artificial colours and flavours.

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Our philosophy is simple - we create allergy friendly food that tastes delicious and has minimal ingredients, we believe food should taste so great you want to eat more of it and should do you no harm so you can be guilt free when you do eat it. Our wild sourdough breads are also vegan friendly and great for your gut health.

The flavour combinations we have developed are quite punchy and sophisticated so they usually appeal to the mature foodie audience who may or may not be gluten intolerant but love a full flavoured food experience where the gluten free element is a bonus.

We believe it’s incredibly important to contribute to the world in a constructive way, the food we create and the long term vision we have is all based around that philosophy. The food we eat plays such a big part in our mental, physical and spiritual health, these are all connected and greatly impact our ability to live our best life.

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Monash Caulfield Campus, Building K, 900 Dandenong Rd Caulfield, VIC
p: 0419381287, e: