Flipboard is a niche cafe nestled in the shop-front window of Brolly Studios and Bennetts Lane Jazz Club. A multi-level nook that serves fine space with a side of excellent coffee and scrumptious healthy food.




Flipboard are delighted to have pinned down one of Melbourne's acclaimed freelance baristas, event coordinators, and renowned cafe conversationalists; Lincoln will be steering the Flipboard ship. Currently a practicing artist at 'Merrifields' warehouse which contributes to the fine fabric of Brunswick's ever increasing creative spaces, Lincoln originally hails from the deep southern shores of NZ. 

There he cut his teeth working in local institution 'Modaks', trained under 'Supreme Coffee's' guidance, and since, has been gracing Melbourne with all things delicious, edible, audible and visually appealing for the the last decade. 

Having worked at 'Ray' cafe, 'Wide Open Road' and 'Le Miel' pulling fine beverages and cultivating a sense of community, Lincoln brings a broad range of skills and interests to Flipboard. 

He employs these talents to create a space where coffee, art and sustainable design practices can be fully enjoyed in an ever evolving manner. 



Artisan Coffee Roaster/Wholesaler

Joshua is renowned for his pursuit of knowledge about traditional artisan espresso and associated machinery used for its preparation, handmade of shiny metal.  He established Bailey Coffee in North Melbourne in 2006 after acquiring the relevant experience, skills and tools to produce quality artisan coffee.  This quality ingredient is handled with utmost care; stringent quality control is Bailey Coffee’s hallmark. 

Joshua sources unique and interesting Arabica coffee varietals, estate coffees and special miller lots. He develops and enhances the characteristics of the coffee by cooking and blending raw coffee, paying fanatical attention to the cooking process and refusing to give control to automation.  He enjoys this role in the preparation of traditional artisan espresso coffee.

Joshua uses and sells selected bespoke commercial espresso equipment, which he maintains for his coffee customers by appointment only. He enjoys collaborative relationships with suppliers and customers, big and small.

Joshua has an appreciation of the artisan ethos for sustained better living.  He is a collector of heavy-weight items and eclectic music.


Monash Caulfield Campus, Building K, 900 Dandenong Rd Caulfield, VIC
p: 0419381287, e: campushospitality@gmail.com